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Inspiration from the east and the west. 


Based in London , Iida designs and handmakes all the jewellery you see here with great attention to detail, a passion for jewellery making and beautiful flowers.



Having grown up in Shizuoka Japan and now living in London UK, iida's style reflects the crossing of these two cultures.



All jewellery items are handmade, petal and leaf designs are made with real flowers.


Working with flowers for jewellery can be a real challenge, that's why every flower is carefully selected for its petals and after that the petals go through a number of processes to get the final product you see here. Iida has spent years perfecting this process.


The company is currently in it’s infancy so please bare with us as we are working hard to update the website and pictures on a regular basis, so please come and swing by again to check for new designs and updates.


Thanks for looking!




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